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Abtech awards ceremony 2017  finalist - Technical Innovation

Here at Abtech we are very proud to be invited this year to the Ground Engineering Awards 2017. We were short listed as finalists in the Technical Innovations award.

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Make do and extend: It's time to build up, down or out

David Hilton Director at Abtech Basement System is quoted:

"Basement extensions are now widespread and there is no basement that can't be dug out if you can afford to pay for it."

In the current climate there's no doubt that it's easier to extend than to move and if you've got some unused space, it's worthwhile thinking about building into it to create that extra room. Adding another room is usually the most reliable way to add value to a property so if you can combine the selling power of a fabulous new kitchen in a new, and/or larger, space then you should be onto a winner....

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It’s all about the basement

"Caroline’s greatest challenge she said, was some less than accurate estimates of pipework that lay in the basement — though Abtech was able to find solutions. Her delight in her new home, however, is palpable. ‘It’s such a fabulous space to hold parties,’ she confesses, with a smile. Two of her daughters also now regularly come to stay — she suspects because the property is so appealing."

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The London Mews House

Ian Hogarth and Claire Farrow took the bold step of starting to build their home in Kensington, West London, well before getting planning permission. It was a massive gamble, but one that paid off, leaving them with their own pocket of paradise in the heart of the city

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Parents build £1m home complete with nightclub

Claire Farrow and Ian Hogarth from West Kensington invested more than £1m to create their 'dream home' complete with a state-of-the-art discotheque. 

Abtech were involved in the basement conversion of this project.

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It’s all about the basement

CAROLINE WYLD has never shied away from a challenge. The Scottish born mother of three, a former cook and ‘hobby’ property developer, has converted three barns, run a bed and breakfast, and even recently qualified as a Nordic walking instructor.

So, when she bought a 500sq ft, one-bedroom flat with a small cellar in a leafy road in London’s Wimbledon Park in 2014, she was undeterred by the idea of making big changes....

Abtech were involved in the basement conversion of this project.