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Basement Structural Waterproofing 

Cellar Conversion with confidence – in and around London & Oxford

It is very important that the type of waterproofing system needed is correctly identified from the start, because of our specialist knowledge you can rest assured that your basement waterproofing or cellar conversion has the waterproofing system it needs to meet its requirements. We have a C.S.S.W registered Contracts Manager on our team with over 16 years of experience in the industry.

Drainage Channel- controlling water

Drainage Channel is an innovation from Delta Membranes, it allows water to flow to your sump below the floor. It reduces water pressure at the important wall floor junction. The Drainage Channel system is installed at the floor wall junction in a pre-formed rebate around the perimeter of the basement. It has holes in the back to accept water from the channel and holes in the top to allow any water that forms on the slab to enter the channel. There is approximately 24,000m Drainage Channel installed in the U.K. each year. 

Structural Waterproofing  Cellar Conversion
Drainage Channel Structural Waterproofing

Membrane Systems- with options on finishing

Our cavity drainage membranes are installed in many different situations from very wet basements liable to flooding through to damp walls and cellar conversion work. Cavity drain membranes are considered the ‘least risk’ method of waterproofing by most experts and manage water ingress in a maintainable way.

Pump Stations- single or dual

Abtech are recommended and fully trained installers of Delta Membranes and Basement Systems products. We are able to supply and install a wide range of units for controlling water from the basement and rainwater from light wells. We also supply pump stations for waste from kitchens and toilets, from a single pump station to dual pump stations, alarm systems and even units that will text or e-mail you in the event of a fault. Surface water pumps can be installed with a battery backup unit in case of power failure.  

We can provide a system to suit every project.