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8 Costs to Consider
when Constructing or Converting a Basement

There are many items that need to be considered when planning to construct or convert a basement. Here at Abtech basements we have listed many of the major items that need to be considered. Some requirments do vary from location.

1) Planning permission is often required and advice should be sought. In some London Boroughs, this can become expensive.

2) Often party wall awards will need to be agreed with neighbours and Surveyors costs need to be taken into account.

3) Water table levels and soil types to be excavated can have significant bearing on costs.

Basement - Approved Plans - 8 Costs to Consider
8 Costs to Consider plans

4) Access for the works - good access to remove soil and bring in materials will improve costs and program.

5) Parking suspensions and materials storage. Often in built up areas, parking bays will need to be suspended for skips and storage of materials for the project. Your contractor should take care of this, however, it can be expensive to suspend bays.

6) Many retro fit projects are quicker and cheaper when the property to be worked on is empty but you also need to consider the cost of renting alternative accommodation.

7) It is necessary to have an annual maintenance agreement on all pumping stations and adhering to this is paramount. Don’t avoid the advised servicing and risk having issues which can be costly.

8) Remember to only flush human waste and toilet paper into the foul chamber! Flushing anything else may result in repair bills if the items cause issues for the pump.

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