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Basement Construction
Products and Technology 

Contiguous and secant bored piles

GeoBond is our sister company. Geobond provides our bespoke, in-house, piled solutions for basement structures, including contiguous, secant and sheet piled retaining walls. Our ability to provide an in-house solution, makes us both competitive on price and able to deliver on program and quality.

Abtech are often able to offer several pile techniques using modern compact rigs to install either temporary or permanent piles prior to basement excavation.

Delta Battery Back Up Telemetry Alarm System

Delta Battery Back Up Telemetry Alarm System

It’s worth considering upgrades in your alarm system. We can provide battery back-up systems for most pumps and upgrade alarm systems with telemetry to provide remote assistance and notification of a fault when you are not at home.

Delta Dual Sumps

As standard, we fit dual pumps within our surface water chambers to basements. This provides a back-up pump in case of a breakdown and a level of reassurance. We choose to work with Delta, a proven and reliable pump provider. Servicing, break down assistance and repairs can generally, be carried out by our trained service team.

Delta Installation Demo

Videos courtesy of Delta Membrane copyrighted content

Other Technology used

Even if your basement is not below an existing property, sequential underpin style wall construction is often used by ourselves to provide a safe, reliable method of building basement walls close to existing boundaries without costly room for temporary works or battering back of earth.

Abtech often utilise top down construction. We build the ground floor structure before excavating the basement. This provides a safe platform to work from and importantly allows construction works above to continue helping with your program for the project.

Often in areas where water tables are high, we install a considered method of de-watering prior to excavation to provide a safe, reliable and economic solution for your project.

Often now required, monitoring of neighbour’s buildings can be carried out by our preferred independent surveyors to give comfort and provide accurate detailed assessments of movement during the project.