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 Frequently Asked Questions

In most cases, yes, as permitted development rights for basements are now very limited and many 

basements require external lightwells and the creation of habitable areas. 

In most cases, yes, this is possible. Access for the works can be via the front garden but please 

note, these works can be more economical if the ground floor is removed in certain areas for greater 


With over 16 years of trading, providing cost effective basement solutions for clients, we believe 

we have unrivalled knowledge and experience. We specialise in below ground structures and do not 

operate in the general building industry as we understand this is a very specialist field of expertise 

and not something to be combined with other types of work.  

We are a large enough company to offer a good management structure but not too large to prevent 

the important ‘personal touch’. Our reputation has built our business and we welcome you speak to 

professional designers and clients who have worked with us many times over the years to assure 

yourself of our quality. 

We are a little different from most basement companies who would prefer to ‘tie you into a 

contract’ from the beginning and normally work in the traditional manner where you have direct 

contact with an architect and professional team in a non-biased way. We work for your desired 

needs instead of towards the cheapest possible solution to build. However, with our long-standing 

trading partners we are happy to provide you with all the designers and fit out contractors if 


We have provided many multi-level basements and our experienced in dealing with varying 

ground conditions. We would recommend a minimum of 2.4m headroom but more frequently this is 

extended to 2.6m and more, to provide a quality feeling. The depth of excavation does affect budget 

as do ground conditions and this does require careful consideration.  

Normal projects range from 10-18 weeks. However, more extensive structures including 

multi-levels, swimming pools and car lifts can take longer. 

Our own in house waterproofing department will install the sump pumps, perimeter drainage and&nbsp;</p><p>waterproofing systems backed by a comprehensive guarantee.

No, we build basements that extend to beneath front and rear gardens as well as some structures&nbsp;</p><p>solely beneath gardens.

Yes, we build a number of basements for new houses in London, the home counties and Oxford.&nbsp;</p><p>Partnered with our own in-house piling company, we can provide temporary works excavation and&nbsp;</p><p>basement structures for most new houses in varying ground conditions.