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Basement Construction North London - Abtech Basements

Abtech Basements If you are looking to carry out a basement construction for your property in North London, it is essential that you enlist the help of a qualified and experienced specialist in basement construction. Here at Abtech Basements we are just the company for you, with our years of experience in the industry we have built up our knowledge and skills ensuring that any work we carry out will be to a high standard.

With the extra space a basement construction will provide, you will be able to make room for everything from that additional bedroom you may have always wanted to a home gym. As well as the extra space you could also increase the value of your home, as the extra room will surely add appeal for many scouring the housing market for their ideal home. So if you are looking for a high quality basement construction in North London, look no further than us here at Abtech Basements.

Basement Conversions North London

If you already have a basement underneath your property but it is not in any condition to live in, we can be of assistance. We specialise in basement conversions, transforming your inhabitable basement to one of visual appeal and luxury. Part of the conversion process is ensuring that the area is completely waterproof so that it is fully protected from moisture and damp.

Due to all of our staff being properly qualified and extremely skilled, any work carried out is done with precision and accuracy. For more information on our basements conversions in North London call us on 0870 801 0080.